Why is Ethical Fashion Important

why ethical fashion is important

The trend of ethical fashion is on the rise. Ecofriendly fashion brands are incorporating multiple components in the entire fashion cycle. What makes ethical fashion important comes down to basic fundamentals that have been lost during the mantra of profit at all cost.

Ethical fashion looks at the environment & society as a whole to determine its relevancy on fashion. On one side, you have all the workers manufacturing clothes. The immediate vision is a sweatshop of individuals getting paid very little in harsh working conditions. Ethical fashion makes sure that clothes are not manufactured in such conditions. If those conditions exist, ethical fashion brands will move production to a newer area, even if it’s at the cost of higher production costs.

You then have the environment impact that clothing has on society. With a focus on creating clothes that will last, verses cheap clothing that goes to waste, an ecofriendly wardrobe will simply last longer, proving less waste.

Sustainable fashion is part of the ethical fashion mindset. Designing, growing, manufacturing & marketing of fashion where sustainability is incorporated into all facets of fashion. By having a complete ecosystem were sustainability is paramount in fashion, allows fashion as a whole to prosper.

The reason for the growing demand of sustainable fashion & ethical fashion is growing social awareness occurring around the globe. We definitely have social media to thank for that. While social media has many negative components to it, building awareness in the fashion industry as a whole paved the way for sustainable fashion with an ethical mindset to flourish. To put clothes into perspective, according a documentary, we consume over 80+ billions articles of fashion. When you compare this to 20 years ago, there’s an insane increase, one of which has it pegged to over 350%.

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