Top 5 Eco Friendly Clothing Stores

Eco friendly clothing stores

It’s one thing to care about our planet, it’s another thing to make it a company’s missions to be an eco friendly clothing brand first, at a cost to sacrificing profit. While the trend of eco friendly clothing is on the rise, making sustainable clothing with high profit margins is incredibly difficult. Most eco fashion brands do not survive long in the clothing industry. That’s why it’s an amazing job to see eco friendly stores that are doing great. Below is a list of our top 5 eco friend clothing stores.

Maison de Mode Review

Known as a luxury ethical fashion online retailer, this store is a true mix of brick & mortar with an amazing online experience. All their products are not only mad in the USA, Maison de Mode prides itself on recycled, organic & artisan made clothing, jewelry & accessories.

Kaight Shop

Based in Brooklyn, Kaight Shop is an eco friendly boutique containing some amazing eco fashion attire from extremely thought out designers. Located on Atlantic Ave, Kaight Shop brings that boutique feel with an eco friendly overtone in every component of their business. Many times, you will see Kate (the owner) in the store, one who is very simple to speak with..

Vetta Review

Vetta prides itself on having collections which contain 5 simple pieces. By combining different variations of the 5, you can easily have a wardrobe that last you for 3-4 weeks. Made in the USA, specifically New York City or Los Angeles, Vetta is an eco friendly family run store with some amazing items.

Taylor Stitch

One fascinating part to Taylor Stitch is their dedication to using eco friendly materials, leading to some incredible sustainable fashion items. With materials such as organic cotton, natural hemp & specifically sourced leathers, Taylor Stitch is doing an amazing job of creating eco fashion items with a long term view of sustainability. With a very low amount of chemical exposure, Taylor Stitch has created a great ecosystem in the eco friendly clothing space.

Yooxygen Review

Yooxygen have a wide range of pricing. Items starting as low as $20, going up to $1,000. Regardless of what price point you are paying, Yoox maintains their vision of creating high-end sustainable fashion. By having this matra throughout their fashion ecosystem, this ethical fashion brand is truly pushing the needle in the eco fashion world. This subset of Yoox features a curated selection of high-end sustainable and ethical fashion.

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