Top 5 Eco Fashion Brands on a Budget

Eco Fashion Brands on a Budget

The biggest issue with eco fashion brands is pricing. Ecofriendly clothing seems to be higher priced than many other fashion items out there. Thing is, this is not always there case. Below are some amazing eco fashion brands on a budget.

Kotn Review

Based in Canada, Kotn is focused on creating ecofriendly clothing ethically make basics at very fair prices. Kotn goes off of the model “like farm-to-table, but for your clothes.” This approach comes from their sourcing of cotton, which comes directly from farmers in Egypt

Style Saint Review

Known for their silk tops & lace skirts, Style Saint has all their ecofriendly clothing manufactured in Los Angeles. Most of their items are also under $100.

Alternative Apparel Review

Alternative Apparel is know for their vintage style clothing. This eco fashion brand prides itself for having 75%+ of their products made with sustainable processes and materials.

Threads 4 Thought Review

This eco fashion brand started in 2006 with a focus on using the waste produced in the garment industry. From there, Thread 4 Thought created t shirts with those materials. Fast forward to the present, they are one of the largest ecofriendly brands in the world.

PACT Review

Pack is known for the extremely soft basic shirt, which surprisingly, are quite durable. Pact not only focuses on adults, but everything for the family including babies & toddlers. This brand is actually one of the most affordable brands in the ecofriendly fashion space.

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