Threads 4 Thought Review

Threads 4 Thought Review

I went to Off Saks Fifth Avenue this past weekend. I always felt this spot was hit or miss. Sometime I’ll go in the dressing room with 15 pieces of clothing and go to the checkout line with one. Or, I walk in and walk out with nothing. Besides carrying different fashion brands at outlet type prices, I noticed they carry a lot more eco friendly clothing than before. For instance, I needed a pay of super casual shorts for a man. You know the type, the ones that let you go to Starbucks but not feel like a complete bum! I tried on a pair of Threads 4 Thought shorts & they were amazing! Below is me Threads 4 Thought review.

Threads 4 Thought does an amazing job at sticking to the eco friendly mantra. Not only were the shorts super comfy, they held up amazingly in after being washed. For instance, I love Under Armour shirts. I simply do. Thing is, after a couple washes of these shirts, something gives. Either the shirts starts to fade or the shirt starts to shrink. That didn’t happen with these Threads 4 Thoughts shorts.

Adding to that, I’m typically a medium when it comes to shorts. The size was true to form with Thread 4 Thought. I became a bit obsessed as they only had one color. I hunted online but had no luck, let the madness continue!

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