The Ultimate Five Finger Tees Review Guide

Five Finger Tees Reviews

There are millions & millions of e-commerce sites out there. So when something like Five Finger Tees comes along, it was well worth a Five Finger Tees review. First I found out their from Boston, and it makes sense considering some of their designs!

Finger Finger Tees does an outstanding job in focusing in a unique set of shirts & hoodies. Tv shirts, movie shirts, pop culture shirts & simply some funny hard to find shirts, makes these e-commerce store worth exploring.

After placing an order, I created this ultimate Five Finger Tees Review guide to share the experience. In this review guide, I will discuss:

  • Five Finger Tees Reviews
  • How is the quality of Five Finger Tees
  • Five Finger Tees Coupons
  • Five Finger Tees Daily Steals
  • Five Finger Tees Trending Shirts
  • Conclusion

Five Finger Tees Reviews

I would say there are two main surprises when it comes to Five Finger Tees. First is the pricing. When it comes to this Five Finger Tees reviews, their pricing is definitely on the lower side. So naturally, this leads to a quality question.

How is the Quality of Five Finger Tees

With the prices on the low side, I completely expected the shirt quality to be low. I was incredibly surprised how the shirts looked & felt. Furthermore, a Five Finger Tees review wouldn’t be accurate until you run it through the washer & dryer. Shockingly it held up!

Five Finger Tees Coupons

With pricing so low on Five Finger Tees, finding Five Finger Tees coupons are tough. There are two main coupons out there for Five Finger Tees.

  1. Get 5% off your order. Granted 5% isn’t much, but it’s something! Click here for 5% Five Finger Tees coupon.
  2. Unlike Amazon, shipping is not free here. However, if you spend over $50, you get free shipping.

Five Finger Tees Daily Steals

Now this is pretty neat. Every day, you’ll see multiple shirts available all for $9.99. Granted some might not be up your alley, but sometimes a gem will come along that is simply hard to pass up.

Five Finger Tees Trending Shirts

This is probably my favorite section. There are some shirt designs that will simply grab you. Many of the sayings & designs are ones I haven’t seen before. With a $10-$13 price range, kind of hard not to add at least one to the cart.


Whenever you’re able to find shirts that speak to you, of quality, with pricing that is at the very low end, it’s hard not to try them out. Use the Five Fingers Tees coupon code above & take that Five Fingers promo to you cart. Combine that with free shipping you can get some creative attire at a fraction of the price. Happy Shopping!

Five Finger Tees Reviews

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