Ethical Fashion Guide

Easy to Understand Eco Fashion Guide

When you hear the term eco fashion or eco friendly clothing, it’s interpreted very differently depending upon the person you ask. Some typical responses are: “Isn’t it recycled materials” or “doesn’t that mean it’s made in the USA”. For those truly in the know, you might be shaking your head. The truth is, the information isn’t right in your face. As the definition evolved over the years, most Americans keep things simple. After all, the majority of the United States does not care about eco fashion – lets not forget about that! What we are trying to do, is build awareness through education. Here’s an easy to understand eco fashion guide. Let’s look at the basics. Eco fashion brands are generally more expensive & harder to find. Sounds like a fascinating start right !? After all, ethical fashion is competing against cheaper fashion that is delivered to your home in Read more