Eco Friendly Cars & Eco Friendly Fashion?

Electric Cars & Eco Friendly Clothing?

There’s a misconception out there in the marketplace. One of many actually. When you bring up the topic eco friendly clothing or eco fashion to those not informed, you get this sort of cross eyed look. You know the one & if you don’t know it, try it, you’ll get a giggle. Naturally you want to start educating that person at the highest level possible. You might discuss how working conditions are so horrible in the fashion industry, that eco friendly companies make it a mission to avoid this manufacturing plants. You might even continue discussing the materials of the clothing. You’d mention how sustainable clothing is made if high quality long lasting materials so the fashion item can last a very long time. Now take a pause. That person is now digesting everything you just mentioned. He or she might have a polite response, but eventually, she will get Read more