Eco Fashion on the Rise

Ecofriendly Clothing & Eco Fashion on the Rise

Ecofriendly clothing use to be this term that the mainstream world looked down upon. Fast forward to 2019 and you’re seeing awareness being built. Granted, it’s nowhere near where we need it to be, it’s heading in a positive direction. Be Good Clothes has been created to curate ecofriendly clothing for men & women. Our goal is to not only display some amazing fashion items, but to share the details behind them. We are hoping that the journey that many ecofriendly retailers are taking translates to happy consumers in fashion and for the environment. Eco Fashion on the Rise Eco fashion simply put, are clothes made with raw materials without the use of pesticides. It’s clothing made from recycled textiles. In addition to the materials, eco fashion takes into account the workers involved in manufacturing these clothes. The clothing made by these would should have been paid a fair wage Read more