Easy to Understand Eco Fashion Guide

Ethical Fashion Guide

When you hear the term eco fashion or eco friendly clothing, it’s interpreted very differently depending upon the person you ask. Some typical responses are: “Isn’t it recycled materials” or “doesn’t that mean it’s made in the USA”. For those truly in the know, you might be shaking your head. The truth is, the information isn’t right in your face. As the definition evolved over the years, most Americans keep things simple. After all, the majority of the United States does not care about eco fashion – lets not forget about that! What we are trying to do, is build awareness through education. Here’s an easy to understand eco fashion guide.

Let’s look at the basics. Eco fashion brands are generally more expensive & harder to find. Sounds like a fascinating start right !? After all, ethical fashion is competing against cheaper fashion that is delivered to your home in no time! So, why is it so important to care about eco fashion?

No Child Should Be Creating Your Clothes

The amount of children that manufacture clothes is astonishing. We’ve all heard of cheap overseas labor before, but you never think to put a face on it. Truth is, a lot of these faces are actually children. To make matters even worse, a majority of these children are working in horrible working conditions. Why in the world are children working 10 hour days on clothing in horrible conditions? This simply needs to stop asap. Eco friendly brands remove these sort of manufacturing practices entirely.

Workers are Getting Paid Horribly

Back to the cheap labor mindset, consumers generally do not think about how cheaply the manufacturer of that shirt you’re wearing got back. After all, you got it at a steal online right? Truth is, many overseas workers of clothing make nowhere near a living wage.

Some Have No Choice

I find it difficult to have a conversation with someone in the United States when it comes to being forced to work. Generally the definition is, I need more money to have more nice things. It’s never I’m being forced to work against my will. As a US citizen, it’s a luxury we truly do not grasp around the world.

Sustainable Clothing is Important

Clothes that are made cheaply and fast, simply do not last. As a result, our landfills continue to rise. With the exponential increase in clothing being wasted, it just simply isn’t something that should be occurring in our society. By creating higher quality clothing, sustainable clothing, you are not only doing the ethical thing, you are placing an impact on society.

When you factor those areas, you get a better understanding why eco friendly clothing is important. When businesses stop doing business with these evil players in the fashion space, you will start seeing the change. Unfortunately, when it comes at the cost of profit, ethics gets pushed to the waste side. That is, until awareness is raised and enough consumers say enough is enough.

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